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about me

Traveler. Travel designer. Photographer. Once again, traveler. The lyrics of the song below sound like a pretty accurate definition.

I planned to see all the countries in the world – a dream that became a promise to myself.
Still a long way to go: it’s complicated and costly – some would say it’s not worth doing it. I know it’s worth it.

about my trips

I design my own voyages. In most cases, agencies are of no use to me: either their tours are off my needs and desires, or they ask obscene fees for a tailor-made trip. Plus: no travel agency can usually match the flight prices I find.
I prefer to read thousands of reviews in order to identify the best “home” for a night – be it a 5* hotel or a family-run lodge – and to try countless flight combinations in search for the perfect option: planning a trip is almost as exciting as the trip itself.

I travel much, light and fast: flying straight from A to B is boring, adding some stopovers is always fun; carry-on only, of course; and I rarely spend somewhere more than a couple of days at a time. No worries: after catching a glimpse of each country in this world, I’ll have all the rest of my life to spend in the place I liked the most.

That’s how I try to make a dream come true. And if you feel like dreams do deserve to be fulfilled, you may also contribute to it.

about this website

I created it to share what my eyes and my camera have seen. To help others discover the world. And to inspire them to discover it themselves.

Do you have a question, an idea, a thought or a suggestion? Feel free to drop me a line.

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